Bettencourts 1200-2000

Generation Four

5. Jean de Bethencourt (I) (Regnault, Philippe, Jean) (suffix added for clarification)17,5,13,7,8,9,10,12 was also known as Jehan de Béthencourt (I).11 He was also known as Jean de Bettencourt (I).7,12 He was also known as João de Bettencourt (I).9 He was also known as Jhean de Bethancourt (I).10 He was also known as Jean Bettencourt.12 He was born between 1270 and 1280 at France.18,10 He married Nicole de Grainville at Caux, France.17,9
Map of Granville (Caux) Jean de Bethencourt (I) was patron of the church of Bosc-Asselin, Sigy-en-Bray, France, like his forefathers.18 Circa 1302 he was attached to the French troops quartered in Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France.18 Jean de Bethencourt (I) was Lord of Béthencourt, Sigy-en-Bray, France, and of Saint Vincent de Rouvray.10 He was the leader of a company composed of 4 halberdiers and 10 men-at-arms and fought under the command of Marshal Jean de Mauquenchy, Lord of Blainville, against the English, in Agen (1327) and Guyenne (1328).18 He died before 1337 since in that year his wife was already a widow.18,7,9,10,12

Nicole de Grainville19,11 was also known as Diane Nicolle.18 She was also known as Nicole de Granville La Tenturière.7 She was also known as Diane Nicole.9 She was also known as Daine Nicola.12 She was also known as Diane Nicola (perhaps someone in a later period misread the title "Dame" i.e. "Lady" as "Diane).18,19 She was born circa 1280 at France.18,9 Nicole de Grainville was Lady of Grainville-la-Teinturière, France.17,19,9 The castle and fief of Grainville-la-Teinturière were included in her dowry.18 She died after 1337 (since in that year she is mentioned as a widow).12,18
Children of Jean de Bethencourt (I) and Nicole de Grainville were as follows:

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