Bettencourts 1200-2000

Generation Three

4. Regnault de Bethencourt (II) (Philippe, Jean) (suffix added for clarification)1,13,5,13,7,8,9,10,12 was also known as Reygnault Bethencourt.12 He was also known as Regnault de Béthencourt.11 He was also known as Renaud de Bettencourt.7 He was also known as Regnault de Bettencourt (II).9 He was also known as Regnault de Bethancourt.16 He was born circa 1250 at Sigy-en-Bray, France.1,11,9 He inherited from his father the lordship of Béthencourt and of Saint Vincent de Rouvray in 1278.1,13,14 He was referred to in various documents after 1280 at Sigy-en-Bray, France.1 In 1282 he is referred to in a Latin document as Lord of Bettencourt and of S. Vicente de Rouvray.8 He was appointed as viscount of Maulévrier in 1299.1 He died circa 1306 at France.1,11

Children of Regnault de Bethencourt (II) include:

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