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The Bettencourt Family


by Ronald Bettencourt

Last updated 2 August 2015

Table of Contents of the Bettencourt Family, 1200-2000
Updated with only a few corrections and additions.

Some Useful Links for Further Information

I set up this website for the sole purpose of making available some of the genealogical research I have done on the Bettencourt family. Data includes information on people with variant spellings of Bettencourt such as Betancur, Bethancourt, Bethencourt, and Bitancur as well as compound surnames such as Bettencourt de Vasconcellos. Many people are entered in the index under the variant spellings by which their names were located in sources.

I have continued transcribing some of the information about the Bettencourt families of the Açores from Rodrigo Rodrigues' Genealogias de S. Miguel e Stanta Maria. Much of this information is also found in Carlos Machado's Genealogias, although some information is found in one source but not the other. If there is a disagreement between these two sources or if information is not available, I try to include information from

Although I am constantly adding to my database of Bettencourts, I confess that I focus on those from São Miguel, Açores where my family comes from. However, I do have many other individuals from the other Azorean islands as well as other parts of Portugal; I have very few individuals from other areas such as Brazil. Not all of these people appear in this web site since I have not been able to link them to the earliest French Bethencourts. If you are interested in a particular individual or location not mentioned on this web site, please email me at the address below. I may have other information that I can send you.

I make no claims concerning the accuracy of the data. It simply reflects the current state of my research. It is always the responsibility of the individual researcher to verify information; all sources have been cited so that you can consult the original data if you wish. I will update this site periodically when I make significant changes to the information that I have. If you have additions or corrections to make to any of this data, or if you have any suggestions to offer to improve the appearance or usefulness of this website, please contact me at the e-mail address below. I am always glad to hear from others who are working on the Bettencourt line.

If you would like to download a GEDCOM file of the data presented on these pages plus other Bettencourts, click on Download gedcom. Please note that the GEDCOM file contains people who do not appear on these pages because not all people in the file can presently be linked to one of the Bettencourt lines. Consequently, the GEDCOM file contains more information than these web pages, more than 14,000 individual names compared to approximately 7,500 on these pages!

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